About 关于

Introduction 简介

CoreCose Studio was established as an internet-based interest group by Orvil Fox in February 2014, intended to create elegant video games with maximum playability. CoreCose Studio has over 20 members all around the world, mainly in the United Kingdom, the United States and China. With an unbelievable young team, we are on our way to creating what we have dreamed, so we can enjoy our time reading and playing casino games in the pokie spins login online.

CoreCose工作室作为一个基于互联网的兴趣团体成立于2014年2月,由Orvil Fox发起,趋向于制作精致一流且可玩性高的电子游戏产品。Core Cose工作室拥有20多个成员来自世界各地,主要聚集于英国、美国和中国。我们是一支不可思议的年轻团队,在以我们的方式去铸造我们所梦寐以求的。

By the Numbers 直观数据

  • Average Bonus per Mission: 600 RMB / 92 USD
  • Countries Represented: 5
  • Team Size: 22 members (current)
  • Average Hours Input per week: hrs
  • Average Age: 20 y.o.
  • Operating since February 2014
  • Game Published: 5
  • Total Downloads: Over 10,000
  • Estimated Net Worth: 23,000 RMB / 3648 USD
  • 平均奖金/任务:600人民币/ 92美元
  • 成员所属国家:5
  • 团队规模:22个成员(目前范围)
  • 平均贡献时长/周:6小时
  • 平均年龄:20
  • 运行自20142
  • 游戏发行:5
  • 总下载量:超过10,000
  • 净值估计:23,000 民币/3648 元

Offline Activities 线下活动

Although CoreCose Studio is internet based, we are planning on organizing offline activities such as physical meetings, parties, or trips. All members in the scheduled location could participate voluntarily. CoreCose Studio is looking forward to creating physical working studios in the future.


We Love Our Players 感谢玩家

Our players are not only those who played our games but also devout supporters of us. We appreciate your support, and we love you. It is you who bring us to a stage that we could be proud of. Thank you and let us go further to where we haven’t been discovered.