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Opening Positions 公开招新 03/22/2017:

Development Team 开发团队:

Unity game developer (Unity游戏开发者) *2

Illustration & Literature Team 艺术团队:

UI/Logo/Graphic designer (平面设计师) *1

Artist (画师) *2

Electronic musician/ Musician (电音师、配音师) *2

Video editor(视频编辑)*1

Vocal (人声配音)*3  [请直接加QQ1540851522备注配音]

Mixed 综合(Included in Management Team 包括在管理团队):

WordPress Web developer/manager (网页开发者/管理) *1

Others 其他:

Give it a try!(试一试吧!) If you are confident and professional with your knowledge, you can apply to us even the positions that are not listed above!(如果你对你的知识自信并专业,你甚至可以申请一个不在上列的职务!)

Historical Average Bonus per Mission is 175 RMB / 26 USD due to the last statistical research


Note 1: All management positions requires 8 hours online time every day in your time zone.

Note 2: All management positions have to be in one of the following time zones to communicate with us frequently:

GMT +8 (China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc.)

GMT +0 (United Kingdom, Western Europe, etc.)

GMT -8~-5 (United States, Canada, etc.)

Note 3:  You have to have a good internet connection in most times to communicate with your team partners and management group no matter which position you choose.

Note 4: You have to be familiar with one of the following language:

English OR

Traditional/Simplified Chinese + Primary(初级,如中学水平的英语) English

Note 5: All positions are long term positions.

Note 6: CoreCose Studio is internet based.

How to:

Send an email with your information & requested position to [email protected]

请发送一封邮件附带你的信息和申请职务到[email protected]


CoreCoseStudio does not take age, appearance, race, gender, region into account as parameters.